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Select homeowners (See more about our data)
Select the total number of homeowners that you’d like to mail to. Each household will be mailed 4 marketing pieces over the course of your program. See Pricing Tables>>
Select a design
Select a example from our gallery of designs. We will use the example as a template for your design, then customize it specifically to your practice. See design gallery>>
Fill out paperwork
Fill out a short, online sign up form which provides us with the details of your order and information about your practice.
4. Procure Data
We will procure your data based on the geographical area and filters you select to find the desired number of homeowners. See more about our available data options >>
Pay Deposit + Design Fee
Once we procure and validate your data, we will send you an invoice for the deposit and design fees. With larger volumes, the design fee is waived. All deposits are refunded on your last invoice upon completion of mailing program within 12 months, unless otherwise arranged. See Pricing Tables>>

Begin Marketing Design
Once the setup invoice is paid, we will begin designing your marketing piece. You may provide us any design requirements in terms of colors, photos, marketing message, offers, and any pertinent information about your practice.
Approve Marketing Design
Once we complete the marketing piece, we will email a PDF proof. At this time, you will submit any desired changes via email or fax. We implement those changes and send you another proof. This process continues until you have a proof that meets your requirements, at which point you will submit written approval of the proof.
Begin Mailing
Once approval is received, we will invoice you for the first mailing. Once paid, we mail your advertisements. You’ll receive a mailing list of your prospects and a “seed record” from the mailing as confirmation that it has been sent. We also provide you a USPS form that confirms mailing acceptance by the Post Office. See Sample Mailing Schedule>>

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